Let There Be Music

Prefab Sprout will indeed release a new album in early september! "Let´s change the world with music" (not more not less) will be the first PS-album in eight years.

From what I gather the album was actually planned to be the follow-up to "Jordan: The Comeback" from 1990, titled "Earth: The story so far". Apparently the record company was bored by the spiritual tone of the material and shelved it.

Listening to the album opener "Let there be music" it appears that the whole record could have been put into the vaults, waiting for it´s release 20 years later. "Let there be music" is bonafide Prefab Sprout radio-pop (where it will never be played, of course). I am listening to it on endless repeat right now.
So are these actually only demos recorded roughly 20 years ago? It doesn´t really matter! It´s Prefab Sprout, it´s timeless (regardless of a gated snare and Paddy´s Vadder Abraham-beard).

I think the heroes of back in the day should do remixes for this: Frankie Knuckles, Mashall Jefferson, Justin Robertson... oh, I forgot: they were actually giving remix jobs to the Future Sound of London back then.


Leopold Stotch said...

It's going to be kind of hard to top 'Looking For Atlantis'.
Would def give my first born for a knuckles or jefferson mix though!
Yeah and what was it with all the out of place FSOL mixes back then (David Sylvian comes to mind too)?

Anonymous said...

I bought this two years ago and I'll never forget my reaction to reading the booklet before even playing the disc. When I read the lyrics to "Music Is A Princess" I broke down sobbing for a good 20 minutes. Never had I read anyone capture the sort of bond I have with music before. It took a while to regain my composure.