My Favourite Website: Animation Backgrounds

Animation Backgrounds is an amazing blog!

I am sure that these random scenes strike a chord in everybody who was exposed to cartoons from an early age.

I was especially amazed to find background pictures of "Donald in Mathmagic Land" which I remember having seen aged six, as a pre-film to "Bambi". Somehow these expressive, blue landscapes have stayed longer in my memory than the traumatic main feature. (although I was always pretty bad in math!)

The magnifying focus on random scenes, such as kitchens, back-alleys and stages, mostly shifted out of conventional angles and perspective, offers a fascinating insight into the American landscape of the last 80 years.

I guess that the freaky rocks and desert roads which make up the background of the Roadrunner-toons were always more real to me as the real thing.

Despite it´s nerdy theme, the site created by Rob Richards, is no excentric niche-blog. Many commenters proof the worldwide interest in these pre-pop-art paintings, which seem to be sold for insane amounts of money.

Who would have thought that background pictures of old cartoons would have a longer life than any ACME-product?

Chique in the Deutsche Demokratische Republique

Sweet & Sexy

Kodak Instamatik Reflection

Fiesta (probably not) in Belo Horizonte


Blofeld Seams

Strahler 70


The b/w photos are by great photographer Arno Fischer, who is the most prominent fashion-photographer of former German Democratic Republic.

The colour photos were taken from the book Off the Wall.

Click the legends to listen to great (west)-German ad-music and stock-jazz of the era.


The Atrocity Exhibition

You got to be tough for this one, but somebody had to do it!

German blog Antiteilchen has descended into the deepest deep of online hook-up sites and brought amazing treasures to the surface. Whatever he hoped to find there, I doubt it was this!

At the time of writing, "Antiteilchen" has compiled 24 parts of a photo-series called "Schwule Wohnkultur (gay way of living), challenging the cliche that gay men have better taste in decorating their habitat.

Surreal to a point that no artist could have imagined, these photos are either funny and/or repelling. You can easily forget that these men are actually trying to "promote" themselves.

Either oblivious to their surroundings, or completely unfazed by a globalized vision of "good taste", but always true to their obsessions, they put themselves into the center of attention. Everything else is just a bonus!
Clicking the pictures will make them larger (I am sorry!). Watch for the details!


Hang ten squared

Record collector

Symmetry & Sunburn

Siegfried without Roy

Snoop Dog