I dig "Shindig!"

On the air from late 1964 to early 1966 "Shindig!" was ABCs high-speed version of "American Bandstand". A fast-paced rock´n roll show which featured back-to-back appearances by British and American artists.

In the mid-sixties the show was setting new standards in its non-stop presenatation (only interrupted by commercials, which were mostly self-made and a part of the show) and its appearance to be a "live"-show.
In fact most of the performances were specially pre-recorded live or alternative versions, which were then "mimed" by the performers.

Another novelty must have been the co-existence of black and white artists in the same show, and I guess that the combination of Go-Go Dancers and Rock´n Roll artists must have been as exotic back then as it seems now.

Here are three "Shindig!"-clips which I edited with Omnisio. It features great perfomances by otherwise slightly obiquitous artists like James Brown and Tina Turner. Check a smashing duet between Tina and Marvin Gaye, doing a mash-up of "Money" and "Doggone". Then of course there is the hilarious milk-commercial which has the kids digging the white juice as if it was...well, something different.

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"Shindig!" was apparantly quite trendsetting as other broadcasters quickly threw similar shows on the air. It was probably this abundance of Rock´n Roll programming that caused the ratings to wane.

In January 1966 "Shindig!" was over. It was replaced by "Batman"!

More info on "Shindig!" at Shindi-pedia

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