PLEIX ground Zero

French multi-media collective Pleix have formed in 2001. Consisting of graphic designers, musicians and 3D artists they have produced some of their most impressive output at the beginning of their existence. Their films are borderline gallery-art, music-clip and science-fiction advertising.
Their clients are electronic acts like Plaid, Vitalic and Groove Armada. Recently they created an eye-popping campaign for Sony HD cameras and large scale art-installation "Astral Body Church".

Their masterpiece is undoubtedly the 3 minute clip for Kid 606´ ambient piece "Sometimes", which looks like the result of a computer dreaming the equation: 2001 x 9/11.

In its fifth year of existence, "Sometimes" has lost nothing of its shocking beauty. Even the ultra-elegant rendering still looks fresh and un-dated.

"Sometimes" was Pleix´s exploding ticket into the world of big time advertisement and it spawned multiple copycats.

AUDI asked them to come up with a video that looked exactly like the exploding skyscraper. So they created an exploding Audi, it´s parts scattering through an empty city, endlessly colliding and forming the claim "Vorsprung durch Technik" to make sure that we know that its a car-commercial.

From then on Pleix did a stream of similar work. If you see a tv-ad with something dissolving into its atomic parts, it was probably done by Pleix (Baccardi, Adidas etc.)

Interestingly, you won´t find their corporate work on the Pleix website! Would it be unfair to suggest that they are a bit shy to parade their commercial work, which somehow looks a bit derivative, next to their original, science-fiction, early work?

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