The Atrocity Exhibition

You got to be tough for this one, but somebody had to do it!

German blog Antiteilchen has descended into the deepest deep of online hook-up sites and brought amazing treasures to the surface. Whatever he hoped to find there, I doubt it was this!

At the time of writing, "Antiteilchen" has compiled 24 parts of a photo-series called "Schwule Wohnkultur (gay way of living), challenging the cliche that gay men have better taste in decorating their habitat.

Surreal to a point that no artist could have imagined, these photos are either funny and/or repelling. You can easily forget that these men are actually trying to "promote" themselves.

Either oblivious to their surroundings, or completely unfazed by a globalized vision of "good taste", but always true to their obsessions, they put themselves into the center of attention. Everything else is just a bonus!
Clicking the pictures will make them larger (I am sorry!). Watch for the details!


Hang ten squared

Record collector

Symmetry & Sunburn

Siegfried without Roy

Snoop Dog

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