My Favourite Website: Animation Backgrounds

Animation Backgrounds is an amazing blog!

I am sure that these random scenes strike a chord in everybody who was exposed to cartoons from an early age.

I was especially amazed to find background pictures of "Donald in Mathmagic Land" which I remember having seen aged six, as a pre-film to "Bambi". Somehow these expressive, blue landscapes have stayed longer in my memory than the traumatic main feature. (although I was always pretty bad in math!)

The magnifying focus on random scenes, such as kitchens, back-alleys and stages, mostly shifted out of conventional angles and perspective, offers a fascinating insight into the American landscape of the last 80 years.

I guess that the freaky rocks and desert roads which make up the background of the Roadrunner-toons were always more real to me as the real thing.

Despite it´s nerdy theme, the site created by Rob Richards, is no excentric niche-blog. Many commenters proof the worldwide interest in these pre-pop-art paintings, which seem to be sold for insane amounts of money.

Who would have thought that background pictures of old cartoons would have a longer life than any ACME-product?

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