...it plays a little melody.

Love at first sigh: The Korg Kaossilator is one of those gadgets a music geek like me just needs!
Conceived as a quick-to-use-dj-tool, it is actually a hand-held, battery-powered, pocket synthesizer which sticks its glitchy middle finger to the i-pod.

The dominant yellow colour is not the only thing that is reminiscent of Kraftwerks "Computerworld"-sleeve. The sound this little "pocket calculator" produces was clearly designed after the record that predicted machines like these 27 years ago.

The Kaossilator (how will ex-eastgermans like that name?) is the latest in a series of small powerful Korg DJ-tools which more or less make up a full set-up for aspiring electro musicians who are more into sound and fx than into complex melodies.

Put the Kaossilator next to the fantastic KP3, the mini KP and the Electribe and you have a mini-studio that looks totally science fiction! Miles away from the keyboard racks of yesterday and it´s more sexy than all those hunchbacked geeks cowering behind their Macs.

After its release last november, the Kaossilator was alledgedly sold out in Japan within minutes. At a price for only € 150,-- you can forgive its small contras, such as limited rhythm-lengths and no proper saving device.

Some presets tend to be a little bit too trance-y for my taste, but it IS a DJ-tool after all.

What this little thing is capable of can be checked on a free downloadble album, The Yellow Album which was recorded straight out of the Kaossilator, and a ton of Youtube clips.

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