StellaVista Ultramodel: Daliah Lavi

Amazing beauty, Daliah Lavi, daughter of a German mother and Russian father who was born in an Kibbutz in Palestine was the perfect canvas upon which the German audience could project their new found open-mindedness. (At least to themselves.)

Lavi, who was already an internationally known actor and little known singer of hebrew songs, started a very successful carrer as an interpreter of German "Schlager" in 1970.

With her husky voice and smashing looks she would sing mostly German versions of international hits and chansons. Although she recorded in many languages, it was the German audience which made her a constant guest in the national charts.

This video of her No.1 hit "Oh wann kommst du" (a double entendre of "Oh, when will you arrive" and "When will you come!?") is very much the sound and look of Germany 1970.
If you find the beginning boring (which it is), wait until the one-minute mark. By then it turns into a very, very bizarre presentation of pimping up your apartment to an orange-red space-pod with psychedelic rugs on the ceiling! But even in this utopian world the female of the species is still serving fresh buns.

Usually Mrs. Lavi would wear something more exotic, but her "Schlager-look" would ususally consist of plain outfits or long, floating batik dresses.
With this she would be the fashion-icon for a generation of semi-young teachers. They would copy her style while they would despise some of her revisionist female lyrics.

In this song, poor Daliah is so desperate for love that she would give her future lover a total free-pass in absolutely everything ("I will understand what you believe in...if you want to be free - you can be free; if you want to be true - just be true").

Mrs. Lavi is still a very beautiful woman and is still making casual appearances on TV. For most international readers she might be best known for her part in the original "Casino Royale", where she was a bit overshadowed by Ursula Andress. But even the sun would have been overshadowed by Ursula. Because Daliah is a StellVista Ultramodel, the photo of her descending off a Helicopter needs to be posted twice!

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