The Man-Eating Machine

So this is the new Grace Jones teaser-video! It was the opening for her recent show in London, and appeared multiple times as a filmed-from-screen-vid on ytube. Watch those for great crowd reactions. Actually I would recommend to watch those "bootlegs" instead of the proper version because the song is such a disappointment!
It sounds like post "Mezzanine"-Massive Attack with a bit of dull Rammstein thrown in for the mainstream crowd.

But still: It is absolutely amazing! Despite using a cheap video by not-exactly-fresh-director Nick Hooker, who is doing this distorted mirror-thing for quite some time now. It all fits into the Grace-Image and it´s pretty freaky and in fact a bit scary.

As a teaser it is a wonderfully minimal attention grabber. But for the full album, which should be out sometime, I personally wish that Grace would deliver the most abstract, artificial-pop! Not something that sounds like a leftover from somebody else.

But I am probably missing the corporate point...

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