Montague Terrace (in Blue)

...and we´ll dream, won´t we?!

On Sunday we were driving down "Powderface Trail", a Rocky Mountain-creek in Kananaskis County. The trail is curvy, undulating and offers great and surprising views. The soundtrack to this trip was an all-hits-no-fillers-mix of Scott Walker´s solo albums Scott 1-4

Just when you think there is no way you can see more rolling hills with millions of trees, or hear another crescendo with more whirling strings and over-the-top bariton crooning,...around the next corner there will be even more luscious landscapes and the music will take an even more dramatic turn...just to mock you!

The haunting images which accompany the beautiful Scott Walker song "Montague Terrace (in blue)" were taken after the big 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

I have no idea where this came from, but I am glad it´s there!


Mr. James said...

Sounds brilliant - high drama on the open road.

Just want to give the heads up to you and your readers...www.scottwalkerfilm.com

it's finally getting a US release - (I've heard Fall 08!)

A.J. said...

yup, when i visit my brother in Banff, and day-drive in his convertible MG, every turn is more awesome than the last, it's the best whiplash scoping-out those Rockies as they whizz by... and fave tunes will never sound better anywhere else on earth.