Are we there yet?

The winning entries of Fresh & Wildeyed 08 at Fotonet showed some series of photos which explored the effect passing time has on landscapes and our perception thereof.

Rebecca Eyre used multiple exposures of "private" snapshots to visualize her definition of universal "Nostalgia".

In her own words: "Nostalgia has been described as "a loss of touch with the present.” Photography plays a central role in modern day nostalgia, illustrated most vividly through use of the photographic album. Although our memories seem unique, the photographs we keep often borrow an aesthetic from existing pictures, paintings and postcards. My pictures represent everyone's and no-one's memories, a kind of collective nostalgia."

Paul Greenleaf has a similar, but pretty travel-intensive approach. In his series "Correspondence" he visits places shown on old postcards and shows how these places have changed overtime.

Greenleaf describes it like this:"This series shows how natural and cultural landscapes change over time. I collect used postcards which inspire me to retrace and photograph the depicted locations. The written notes on the cards form part of the work and provide a title for each photograph."

These works are best seen large on his own site.

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