Edit You Inside Out (EDIT)

Everything relates to everything!

DJ Cole Medina
has done this fantastic re-edit of the Bee Gees "Love you inside out", which shows once more the wonderful enhancing power of good editing.
He does not really do all that much to the original. By looping some parts of the song endlessly, adding only counted delays and some start/stop drop-outs, he creates a delirious, blissed-out, float-boat of a song that could go on an on. Sadly it ends too abrupt, but it´s not an official release anyway.

update: somebody doesn´t like re-edits and wants it to be removed.

Let´s further the "re-edit theme": The original version of the song can be seen on Youtube as part of an experiment, exploring editing and composing!

The song -randomly chosen- plays over an un-edited excerpt of cinematic schlock-fest "C.H.U.D. - Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers". Now I know that some people will claim that this MAKES it a Bee Gees-video...But anyway...

The user, who did this mash-up, wanted to test and possibly disprove the theory that Pink Floyd composed one of their overrated albums to accompany "The Wizard of Oz".
It is great and has some brilliant moments, when film and music accidentally meet.
I learned from this video, what "Love you inside out" really means...

Other amazing things you can learn from the Youtube-comments is the fact that apparantly many people who look up the Bee Gees on Youtube think that John Goodman was quite sexy!

Posting stuff about the Bee Gees is always a welcome chance to wallow in their otherworldly beauty. So there...

Are they real?

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