Get some (Pea)nuts!

Emi and Yumi Ito were in a way the first Japanese Pop-sensation to make an international impact. Born in 1941 they would start their showbiz career in the mid-1950s in Nagoya as the Ito Sisters.

A new manager brought them to Tokyo and named them The Peanuts in 1958. They became presenters for one of the first Japanese teenpop TV program and soon recorded one hit record after another.
In Germany they would appear with Caterina Valente on her TV-show and in the USA they were invited by Ed Sullivan and Danny Kaye.

In 1975 the twins decided to leave showbusiness for good and gave a farewell performance on Japanese TV.

But forget the numerous hits they had! The Peanuts are famous and beloved by filmnerds around the world for their appearance in three Toho Mothra monster movies!

As miniature fairies, they are somehow mentally connected to the giant moth and express this by flying around in a golden coach and singing the Mothra theme-song.
You know, this one:

Mothra Song

As grown-ups they had some fine hits which are somehow a cross between contemporary pop, traditional Japanese ballads and Serge Gainsbourg.
Check this 8-minute medley of three of their songs.
"Koin No Fuga" was a big hit and is occasionally covererd until this day. Their dance -routine is especially great here.
The second one is a bit of a drag, but make sure to stay for the third song.
"Kawaii Hana" was their first big hit. Its a beautiful song, but the colour-video that is shown here is especially haunting. It is exactly how I always expected flower-shops in Tokyo to look like (had I ever thought about it.)

Koi No Fuga/Aie No Inori/Kawaii Hana


A.J. said...

on my balcony i have a grape vine growing around a wooden post... years ago on the post i inked in japanese the lyrics to the Mothra song... for good luck, and for savior if ever needed... i am a Mothra disciple, and officially a StellaVista junkie... we do seem to be two pea(nuts) in a pod...

StellaVista said...

Love to see your Mothra post. Very sweet idea (and very nerdy).

Mmmmh... you, me, nuts in a pod...*more blush*...we should move that to E-Mail... ;)

A.J. said...

i tried to file-send you the Mosura theme song mp3, but couldn't find an email thru the StellaV...

StellaVista said...

*Mosura ya Mosura*
Please try stellavista(at)gmx(dot)net.