Death Race 2000: Cruisin´ for a bruisin´

Motorslug/Deathrape 2000

Stop trying to tie me

Pedal to the Metal


Death Race 2000! The ultimate car-crash film left the Roger Corman assembly-line in 1975. Directed by the late and horribly undervalued Paul Bartel, it´s an exercise in cheap, creative exploitation film making that puts its foot on all the right pedals at once. One of the very few films that offers thigh-slapping fun, while simultaneously working on all sort of meta-levels (if you want it to).

The cast is fantastic: Mary Woronov, the Catherine Deneuve of exploitation cinema meets with David Carradine and Sly Stallone, who was halway between ill-fated porn-career and future action-hero.

A sort-of-sequel will be released this august. Directed by the notoriously maligned Paul W. Anderson, a director who does "cheap" without the "thrills". The lead is played by Jason Statham, an action-hero who would be better suited as a porn-actor.
In short: The new Death Race will have it all wrong from the get go!

The music that goes with the pictures is by Wiseblood. A side project from the insanely talented and amazing J.G. Thirlwell aka Clint Ruin and a million "Foetus"-manifestations. Together with Swiss drummer Roli Mosiman (Young Gods, SWANS) he created a sound that is still unmatched in its fuel-drunken virtuosity.

"Motorslug" was the first of only 3 singles. This hyperspeed orgy of techno, rock n´roll, rockabilly, blues and orchestral pomp is so accelerated that its echo is still miles ahead of comparable efforts.

The flip "Death Rape 2000" is one of the most radical pieces of minimal music. For nearly 8 minutes it repeats the same 3-note orchestra-hit (the sample which was everywhere back then) without the slightest variation. Wiseblood used to open their gigs with this and it would hypnotize the audience and break their resitance, before the actual show had started.

"Stumbo" is from Wisebloods only album "Dirtdish", which also contains one of the most evil and threatening tracks of my record collection: "0-0 (Where evil dwells)".

"Pedal to the metal" and "Stop trying to tie me" are from the last "Wiseblood"-ep "PTTM" which features some of the most impressive jazz-sampling you could find in 1991.

I highly remommend to get all Wiseblood and Foetus records you can get your grimy hands on. Either here or here

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