The Degeneration of Mylene Farmer

"Degeneration" (it sounds so much better in French), the new video for Mylene Farmer´s new single is currently causing a stir in France.
Compared to the calculated controversy of Justice´s "Stress" from a few weeks ago, you´d expect at least something really shocking. I mean really shocking this time!

Well, see for yourself! However, don´t be disappointed when it turns out to be another "Waking-up-naked-in-a-lab-and-causing-a-
multisexual-orgy"-sort of scandal. It´s pretty stupid, actually and doesn´t hold a candle to the epic sex-dramas she did twenty years ago

I stumbled across this while looking up her older stuff for a bigger post on international French pop-hits, which can be found below.

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