L´ homme de Rio

"L´homme de Rio" is the best adventure film of all time! It has great pace, a sexy young Jean Paul Belmondo, who actually does all his stunts himself and the late beautiful Francoise Dorleac. To top it all: It has the best set-design ever used and no film will ever be able to use it again: Brasilia in 1963, while it was still being built.
The ultimate StellaVista dream-movie!


A.J. said...

oh geez, i wanna see that sooo bad!

StellaVista said...

A.J., you´re missing out! You can only get it on Region 2 DVD, and for a long time it wasn´t available at all.
Until the late nineties it was frequently shown on German TV. It´s the perfect sunday afternoon film.