Rick it !

I am a sucker for Japanese product-design. And sucking is definately on my mind after checking those delicious "Ice Candy"-packages over at the lovely PingMag.

Since it is so hot out here in the Prairie today I am in desperate need of some iced treats, even if they were made out of beans, which - surprise - some of those Japanese Ice-Candies actually are!

Despite some exotic ingredients which mostly are incredibly healthy and incredibly yucky for western tastebuds, those small frozen treats look wonderful with - or without packaging.
I also can´t stop admiring the constant use of pastels in Japanese design.

So, "green tea"-icecream, eh?! I am sure it won´t take long until the "wellness-mafia" will market this for for the western market as a cure for everything.

Meanwhile I am still contemplating the licking and sucking part of it all.

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