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Club 8 (not "S Club 8") are producing Swedish-popmusic that sounds like you would imagine Swedish-popmusic, even if you have never heard Swedish-popmusic before. Summery meadows, long summernights, blond boys and girls strumming guitars and whispering songs. In short: Something short of a soft-porn soundtrack.

Jesus walk with me (Jimahl mix)

The duo of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård have begun working together in 1995. Their very sporadic output consists of six albums and a few singles. Angergård is also the owner of Labrador Records and member of two another ridiculously good pop bands: The Legends and The Acid House Kings.

My favourite album is "Spring came, rain fell" from 2002. That´s the records were all their ideas are falling into place and the end result is a wonderfully, flowing record with brilliant production and great melodies.

Spring came, Rain fell

From the opener "We´re simple minds", with it´s underlying Thomas Dolby sample, to the wonderful title track, you get the feeling that Karolina is singing just for you, whispering in your ear. Club 8 are a bit like a more personal and intimate version of St. Etienne. Titles such as "The girl with the northern soul collection" and "The beauty of the way we are living" are clearly a nod to the London trio.

Their latest effort is an EP release from the 2007 album "The Boy who couldn´t stop dreaming". Once again they compiled a bunch of very relaxed campfire songs and unashamed catchy pop-hooks.

Take me Home

Labrador have re-released all their albums with bonus tracks, which can be ordered here

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