Grace Jones: A One Man Show

The one and only Grace Jones is rumoured to release a new album, produced by Sly & Robbie with the inviting title "Corporate Cannibalism".

Sadly this was supposed to have happened 2 years ago. But if you ever went to see Grace Jones in concert you know that she always liked to take her time. Sometimes she decided to go onstage when the majority of the audience had already gone home!
So, if it is coming out this year or in 2010...Grace is always worth it.

With this video I experiemented with the new service Omnisio which allows you to edit your own videos, or stuff you found on Youtube, into one consecutive playback!

For this I used the five parts of Grace´s legendary "A One Man Show". The whole thing clocks in at 43 minutes and features Grace performing her fantastic "Niteclubbing" material in her typical outfits and antics. It begins with her version of "Warm Leatherette", the sick hommage to J.G. Ballards great novel "Crash".

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