41 hours in an Elevator

The New Yorker posted a feature article about elevator mishaps today. One case describes the ordeal of a New Yorker office worker who was trapped for nearly two full days in an express elevator in his business building. The article describes the 41 hour horror in detail which happened in 1999.

The most interesting part is a timelapse video of the CCTV camera which lets us witness the reaction of the poor trapped man during this time. Watch! and wonder how nobody saw him, heard him, or missed him.

This incident ultimately changed the life of the man in a very negative way. From personal shock to the inevitable problems with greedy lawyers, he is finacially bankrupt today.

I recommend to read the full article to get a glimpse into the horror of the situation. The film, as impressive at it is, somehow looks like a sleek art video with it´s nifty split-screen and the pearly piano soundtrack.

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