Happy Birthday, Mutter

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A.J. (hangten) said...

oh dear, when i lived in Germany, this Heino character used to scare me to bits... he makes Gottschalk seems normal.

StellaVista said...

Haha! He scares the shit out of my generation!
I always wondered that he is sort of well-known (as a purveyor of a certain kind of exotica) in the US.

I actually had to meet him several times (work related) and he is a remarkably intelligent and humble person who has his image down to perfection. The scariest part about him is his audience.

He apparantly was a fan of Andy Warhol and decided to style himself after the Andy-look.
Of course no-one would ever draw that comparison, but if you think about it, it somehow makes sense.

I remember pulling this sleeve out of a rack in a used-record store and the image made me jump back in shock.
I think it was just 99c and I had to have it. It was quite embarassing to actually walk to the counter with this thing and BUY it!