Primitive Painters (Sound on Felt)

When there´s more life on your shoes than in your music-clip than it must be Felt´s "Primitive Painters".

This was a massive statement when it was released as a single from the wonderfully titled "Ignite the seven cannons and set sail for the sea"-album. The guest-vocals from Elizabeth Fraser really make the song. Combined with the wall-of-sound production from Robin Guthrie and Lawrence´s wailing, manifesto singing style "Primitive Painters" stormed the indie-charts in 1985 and it almost became a hit.

Contrary to the powerful song the promo-video is a statement of nothingness. Fraser´s presence was not required and the whole production seems to have suffered from the total rejection of any idea. It would be the perfect blue-print for todays no-budget clips.

"Primitive Painters are ships flowing in an empty sea, gathering in galleries were stallions of imagery"

Felt (with Elisabeth Fraser on invisible vocals): Primitive Painters

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