No Work Today!

Nuages was a side project of french producers Ludovic Navarre (St. Germain) and Didier Delasalle.
Their only output, the "Blanc Ep" is a smooth flowing string of five deep house sketches with slight Garage and Detroit influences.
"No work today" has a great, bouncing beat and this irresistible vocal sample which I love to play on Saturday mornings. It relaxes your day and anticipates the exitement of the night.

Nuages: No work today

Have a nice weekend!


The Popinjay said...

Any idea what Ludovic is up to these days? Haven't heard anything from him in years.

StellaVista said...

Don´t quote me on this, but I think I have once read that he has left the music business for good.

The Popinjay said...

That would be a shame.