Baby, By The Way: You´ve Got A Kiss Like Ether

She is not quite Nico nor Marlene and thank god she´s no Ute Lemper, but Claudia Brücken is a rare case of an almost German popstar. Much loved in certain circles but nearly unknown back home.

Her career sadly took many twists in the wrong direction. Her relationship with her label manager Paul Morley seperated her from her Propaganda band-colleagues.

Act, her collaboration with Thomas Leer, an expensive ultra-pop album, was not as successful as hoped. After one album they disbanded.

Her first attempt at a solo album grounded before it´s release. Her next attempt "Love and a million other things", from which "Kiss like Ether" was released as a single was another hi-gloss production. Once again, Claudia had bad timing when the album was thrown under the bus due to inter-label problems.

Claudia Brücken: Kiss like ether

She later teamed up with Paul Humphreys of OMD and formed the band OneTwo.

A few years ago she recorded an album with Andrew Poppy on which she sings cover versions to Poppy playing the piano. Now, this is a strange album! As I said before: She is not Nico, although she still sports a heavy German accent, her interpretation of classics like "Breakfast" (Associates) is "heavy" to say it nicely.

At least she stayed away from Brecht/Weill!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! I once heard this track (Kiss Like Ether) a good while ago and fell in love with it instantly. For years, I went around unable to find it - until now.

Well done on making such a masterpiece. Truly one of the all time great works of Art.