2 after 909: Hobnox Audio Tool Emulator

Remember the nifty Roland TR-909 Drumcomputer simulation I wrote about a while ago?

The Hobnox Audio Tool will take it to the next level.
In its momentary demo stage you can program a simulated TR-909, two TB-303´s, put them through a combination of nine effect-boxes such as flanger, reverb, equalizer and delay and then you can plug all of this into a mixer! If you think this sounds great in theory, wait until you hear it!

The 909 has five pre-programmed patterns but you can program many more. The two 303´s are also pre-programmed. If you press play on the bottom of the page you will only hear the 909. You will have to plug in the 303´s by clicking their output jacks and drag the appearing cable into the input of the mixer or you plug them into the effect-boxes, which you can interconnect as you wish. Make sure to scroll around the site to see everything. I found the mixer on top of the page quite late.

In it´s post demo-stage you will be able to save your creations. A TR-808 simulation is also in the works and the possibility to jam online with other users sounds like a great idea.

Download the demo here, but be warned: It´s highly addictive and you´ll find yourself spending hours in Acid-heaven.

EDIT: The Audio Tool is updated! Read more about it!


David Noel said...

Thanks for picking up the Audiotool. Much appreciated. Expect the update you mentioned in two weeks. Lots of great things planned with the tool. Let me know if you need any information. david dot noel at hobnox dot com

David.noel@hobnox.com said...

Just a quick note that we just rolled out an update of the Hobnox Audiotool. As promised the TR808 is now online, along with two new stompboxes (Compressor and Bitcrusher) and some enhanced functions. Saving is still not possible yet, we’re working hard to make it happen for the next update.
More infos here: http://tinyurl.com/68wgvb

StellaVista said...

Thanks a bunch for the update, David!
I already posted an update.
Its so great! If you could program a flash simulation that would add two hours to my day, I would be happy!