Bachelor Pad Muzak: The Hobnox Audio Tool mk2

Exactly a month ago I posted a piece about the great Hobnox Audio Tool.

David Noel, one of the guys (or maybe the only one?) behind this sexy flash simulation wrote me a comment that the legendary Roland TR-808 would be added soon to the line-up.
Mmmh, the 808! The sound of pure aural geek sex!
A sound that is so pure, powerful, yet tender, organic and totally artificial at the same time. It´s no wonder that the (reported) first use of the 808 in a studio recording was on Marvin Gaye´s "Sexual Healing", a record that set the template for every R&B track that followed. Marvin can croon and swoon as much as he likes (and he likes it a lot) but - without a doubt - it´s the flowing, pulsating and percolating rhythm of the 808 that is repsonsible for many babies who were conceived to its warm groove which was programmed by Japanese technicians.
They should have never given one to Phil Collins, though.

So, now we have the 808 next to the 909 and two 303 simulators and two new effect-boxes.
To make it short: It´s the BOMB! The 808 sounds are as pristine as the other instruments and the f/x work very well. I can listen to this for hours without end.

It´s still not possible to save anything you do, but the Hobnox-guys are busy working on it. Maybe on June 12 I can make another update.

Get it NOW!

The illustration was done with my gimmick-du-jour

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