Fly, Thumper, Fly!

No music or art today. I am sinking to the depths of posting animal pictures!

Yesterday we began once more to move ourselves and our business to Canada and northern USA for the coming months.
Since we have a 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who is coming with us we had to follow the repeated ordeal of sending "Thumper" on its way with Air Canada. Of course you don´t want your dog to switch planes so we drove from Hamburg to Frankfurt yesterday and then we got her and my partner on the plane in the morning. I then had to drive back home alone which is such a strange feeling.

I always think that the stress must be extraordinary for the animal, but it is also a horrible situation for us. Like all Bernese, "Thumper" is cuddly sweetnes personified. She seems to be really brave and walks into her cargo-box without causing a fuzz.
But when you have to put the box into a van that brings her into the cargo area (where she is "stored" three full hours before the ten-hour flight - for security reasons!) you see it in her eyes that she is really not too happy with the situation.

She loves being in Canada though. The rockies are made for her and she is super-happy, thats why we think it is ok to put her and us through the ordeal twice a year.

It is amazing however, that a one-way ticket for a dog of her size is almost as expensive as a return business-class ticket!

In three hours I will know if "the Thumper has landed"!

Have a save flight, Thumper! See you in three weeks!

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