The kitchen floor

Somehow I had these two songs in my head today which both had its protagonists lying and/or crying on the kitchen floor.

One is the prophetic You know I´m no good by Amy Winehouse. Her kitchen drama, which is also depicted as the closing scene of the video states:
"There´ll be none of him no more
I cry for you on the kitchen floor."
Shortly after we see her cowering with her back against the sink and later curling up in fetal position with a drink as her only friend. And all this on the kitchen floor.

The other, heartbreaking kitchen-floor moment that somehow sneaked into my mind is the climax of "Heart" by Stars. This very Prefab-Sprout-like popdrama has its self-delusional singer reclining with the words:

"You get back on the latest flight to paradise.
I found out from a note taped to the door.
I think I saw your airplane in the sky tonight
through my window lying on the kitchen floor."

I am pretty sure there are many more referrences to the mundane use of kitchen floors (and kitchens in itself) in pop-history. After all it seems that, besides finding moldy pieces of potato peels in unreachable places, the kitchen-floor is Pop-Esperanto for self-pity, inward reflection and heartache combined with early states of delirium tremens.

Photo "Untitled (lying on kitchen floor)", 1976 by Laurie Simmons

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