3 Tage wach (3 days awake)

It´s a three day weekend in Germany and the weather is fantastic. Quite fittingly this song is currently causing a frenzy with the clubbers and it´s certain to become an anthem for every party this summer!
I predict it will climb very high in the national charts. By then the backlash will begin and in two month it will be the most hated song and everybody will pretend they never heard it.

"3 Tage wach" (3 days awake) is minimalistic in word and music and speaks to everyone who ever popped a pill and hopped from party to party for days without end.

Let´s face it: Acid house was twenty years ago! The kids who are now experiencing the pleasure and the agony of being 3 days awake when the last pill is swallowed are our kids. (Of course I don´t have any, so I tend to forget how time really flies).

"3 Tage wach" tells about party paranoia in simple, coded words. Its funny and horrible at the same time. You are three days awake, everyone is like you, high as a kite thats going to melt in the sun. Starting a party while waiting for the next one. You cant walk, there´s snot on the wallpapers and insects in your briefs. You and your granny are three days awake.

"3 Tage wach" is made by Lützenkirchen, a guy who is now into minimal house after he tried to cash in with questionable Scooter-esque novelty songs a decade ago. The single was released in April on the nicely called label "Stil vor Talent" (style before talent)!

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