I just found YouTomb, a research project site that scans YouTube for videos that were taken down for alledged copyright violations or other reasons.

The FAQ explains more about their goal and the automated scan-process that YouTube utilizes to find copyright violating content.

For a moment I thought the site would actually show these videos, but they actually file them for different criteria to find out how the YouTube algorithm works.

Strangely enough the front page featured several foreign soccer-games (those fuckers are everywhere), some wrestling and on page two I found a "Little Rascals"-clip next to a bunch or arabic stuff.

Very interesting site! I am going to invest some time into it.

EDIT: Just saw that they re-moved a scene from Pink-Flamingos, entitled "Babs Johnson gets a special birthday gift" for "violation of terms"! It was online for nearly a year. Everybody who knows that scene will surely agree that it mild compared to the final scene, which was still viewable, the last time I checked.
Shock never gets old, doesn´t it?!

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