If you hold my hand 3 times

The first impression was too good to be true: An irresitable hi-speed sixties pop-pastiche with strong northern-soul elements that doesn´t sound like AmyDuffyDele. Plus a whacky, american trailer-trash video with bits of X-files, Michael Jackson dance-routines with anorexic legs and a helicopter.
Of course Sonny J, the name behind this stomper is not a female american pop sensation singing this years "Crazy". He is from the UK and his should-be-instant hit "Handsfree (If you hold my hand) is actually a speedy remix of "If you hold my hand" by semi-jazz-legend Donna Hightower, instead of a cover version.

In the 60s those storming little hits were a dime a dozen, but I am sure those razor-sharp "doot doot doot´s" of the backing choir will gain lots of attention this time around.

One can only guess that the video-budget was above average and "Handsfree" is designed to become the international summer hit of 2008. I dare to say that it won´t reach the status of "Crazy" and "Umbrella", though.

Sonny J: Handsfree (If you hold my hand)

Now listen to the original by the grandiose Mrs. Hightower, which has a surprising country-touch:

Donna Hightower: If you hold my hand

Recently there is already a (viral?) video-fake floating around in which Dolly Parton alledgedly opened a show with this song. Listen to the song in the background while Dolly gives her entrance speech! I totally fell for it. Brilliant!

So get your Donna Hightower albums out before everybody else does.

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