Pump up the Moloko!

Moloko had some fantastic and some annyoing moments. But shortly before they called it a day, they were obviously at the height of their game. "Forver more" is an instant classic. It creeps up on you an will never go away. The video is another example that something so simple can have such a haunting effect. Roisin Murphy really owns this one!
Here is a high-quality version which even appears to be in stereo!

Moloko: Forever More (High quality)

The clonking bass instantly reminded me of this "milestone" in dance music: "Pump up the jam!" and the slightly more sophisticated "Get up!" by Technotronic have the same bass that sounds like a ton of bricks falling through the floor. t´s not all that surprising if you consider that Mark Brydon, the guy in Moloko, used to be an accomplished engineer at legendary FON Studios in Sheffield, were many of the groundbreaking britsh dancetunes were made.
It´s as well a dance video and both singers are asking for "more". In one way or the other.

Technotronic: Pump up the jam!

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