UnkleJam: Why aren´t they MASSIVE, EMI?!

UnkleJam have released three fantastic singles last year and everybody expected them to take the world by storm.

The first single "Love Ya" is an amazing in-your-face electrosoulfunk monster that throws everything at you in only 2:2o minutes, "What am I fighting for", the second release, is a dirty disco jam that had excellent remixes. This should have been a worldwide hit!
With the third single, "Stereo" which was released before their debut album "Songs", they played it a bit safe and turned down the funkfactor. Its a catchy, sultry hitsingle that sounds like Terence Trent D´arby came back through a time-hole.

All three singles came with expensive and showy Videos. It was obvious that UnkleJam were going to be BIG!

And then we waited for the album and waited some more. It should have been released in october and then it was alledgedly pushed back to february. Once again EMI managed to kill any buzz around a band everybody went apeshit for. As far as I know the album has never seen a physical release outside of Japan! So if you actually want to own the album and see the artwork instead of buying compressed and useless files: Forget it!
How can EMI cry that nobody buys musci anymore because of evil filesharers, when they just refuse to offer their products in acceptable formats?

I hear they are a great live-band and obviously this is much more important these days than selling lots of units. But still, after they opened for Justin Timberlake there must be a market for their album.

This is the promo for "What am i fighting for". A futuristic pop dream.

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