"Seeing everything makes you sad"

Seems I have missed this last summer.

German newspaper "Die Welt" posted a new JG Ballard interview, titled "Terror als erotisch aufgeladene Perversion" (transl.: Terror as erotically charged perversion).
I must admit that reading "Die Welt" is not my priority as it is one of those German papers published by "Springer Press" (aka THE ENEMY!").
Anyway, despite being fairly short its a nice and compact take on Ballard´s view of things and offers more of his brilliant, to-the-point quotes on terror, modernism, Tony Blair and Shanghai.

He uses as well some of his older, often cited phrases, such as "the future will be...like a suburb of Düsseldorf."
The lovely people at Ballardian have re-translated the interview into english. Highly recommended!

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