White car in Germany

"If I have to make a guess. I´d say the future was going to be like a suburb of Düsseldorf. The whole of Germany is like an enormous well-heeled housing estate. There are all these immaculate, brand-new suburban houses in nicely wooded suburbs; every house has a boat and a BMW in the driveway. The schools are built according to the most advanced thinking about what a school should be like; there are recreation aids and sports facilities. Even a drifting leaf looks like it´s got too much freedom! And this all ads up to the death of the soul in the whole place. There´s a desperation just waiting to be born there. If you live in a totally civilized society, madness is the only way you can express your own freedom."
(J. G. Ballard, in "Heavy Metal", 1982)

The Associates: White car in Germany.

"We trundled through endless immaculate suburbs of executive housing...There was a Mercedes or a BMW in every driveway...identical children identically dressed. We might have been looking at a population of brilliantly designed robots placed there merely to establish a contextual landscape! And this went on and on. I suddenly realized that the future of this planet was not going to be like New York City or Tokyo or London or Moscow but rather like a suburb of Düsseldorf. And you know, most of the Baader-Meinhof gang in fact grew up in these suburbs, and I realized why that kind of terrorism erupted from this kind of landscape. Because in that world, madness is the only freedom.
(J. G. Ballard, in "Rolling Stone", 1987)

Ledernacken: "Amok"!

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