A 1000 No 1s in Heaven

This could be the best present for your best friend or best enemy: The Neimann Marcus Christmas Book offers to ship you a vinyl-wave of tsunami-esque proportions. For just $ 275.000.00 (shipping not included) you can become the proud owner of each and every 45 RPM vinyl record that was listed on the Billboard Top 100® Rock and Pop charts from Jan. 1, 1955, through Dec. 31, 1990. Absolutely every disc for 35 years, every No. 100 up to every No. 1. There are some 18,400 records total. Some are even autographed.

Now there are some pretty valuable and great things in there, but I am sure that the amount of not-so-hot-singles must be gigantic!
I really don´t know if this is heaven or hell! In the words of Blixa Bargeld: "How do you listen to this?!"

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