Nessie is 30

A few days ago a british theme-park has announced that their next attraction will be a rollercoaster themed to "SAW", the torture porn franchise. I think that this is equally brilliant and sad at the same time.

Most certainly "SAW: The Ride" will never gain the iconic and legendary status of another coaster that effectively scared and astounded passengers and onlookers with an effective visualization of a wicked myth.
The "Loch Ness Monster" opened thirty years ago at Bush Gardens. It´s interloocking loops are still an amazing sight and they made "Nessie" one of the most famous and iconic coasters in the world.

The video, which was made to promote the ride manufacturer, celebrates the coaster with beautiful slo-mo shots, Vincent-Price-y narration and juicy disco-sound. A great time-capsule

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