The Black Dog of today is really different from the Black Dog Productions of the nineties.

With the Plaid-boys moving out and the brothers Dust moving in, the trio has actively changed from being an enigmatic, mysterious entity to an omnipresent band of blokes next door. Instead of being reclusive, they now post in many forums and tell everybody what they are up to.

This change has also affected their music. While their latest release "Radio Scarecrow" is not exactly an "open" and "easy" album, it is far away from the milestone of imagination that was "Spanners". But the Black Dog wants to look ahead, it doesn´t want dig out the same old bones over and over again.

Anyway, when it comes to old bones from other dogs, the Black Dogs likes to dig deep. RA - Resident Advisor asked The Black Dog to do one of their famous podcasts and the dog decided to mix-up a full hour of Underground Resistance.

The legendary Detroit label that was always interested in being a collective of free, radical cells who cared about their music and an activist attitude, rather than adapting to various fashions and gimmicks. "The other side of bling" UR had this very gritty, urban, political attitude, while Black Dog were more escapists who disappeared behind a quasi-alien/ancient mysticism. But despite these differences, both projects have much in common as innovators and creators of incredibly advanced and forward thinking, electronic music.

The 60 minute mix is a great trip through the UR-catalogue. Over the course of two weeks, the Black Dog mixed and spliced the mix into its final form while trying to fit in all their personal favourites without losing form and flow.
It´s a great mix of energetic, electrifying techno that is never abrasive or stupid. It does get a bit mental towards the end, but that is exactly the point. N0?!

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