How to Cook *mumblemumble* People

Finding these yummy and creatively coloured scans from vintage cook-books over at Doc Marvy had me wondering what went wrong with the international cookbook scene between 1950 and 1970. Those green and yellow-ish arrays of everything that is unhealthy (yes, even broccoli and tomatoes look very sinister here) are exactly the same colour in my mother´s german cookbooks from the mid-sixties.

What happened here? Did people back then think that these hideous things in the most unnatural colours were actually appetizing and healthy? The fifties saw the most lavish colour photography, but somehow things seemed to turn sour afterwards. Maybe the new found fascination for artificial and frozen food changed peoples perception of the way food was actually supposed to look?

Make sure to read the hilarious text in the original post and be prepared that this was only an appetizer.

You should click the pix to supersize them.

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