Bow Down! They Are The Superions!

urprisingly, The B-52s released a new album last year after aeons and now Fred Schneider is already fronting a new band which could finally bring pure Exotica back into the mainstream (or not).

With collaborators Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall they are The Superions. Formally called The DelMorons, the trio has released "Totally Nude Island" as a single late last year. The original version is a slow, lilting panoptikum of Martin Denny/Les Baxter-style exotiki, complete with the sounds of crashing waves and bird calls. This aural concoction is completed with Fred Schneider reciting the legend of totally nude island like a horny and tipsy National Geographics narrator at a suburban backyard luau.

The invocation of getting nekkid ends with the hilarious cop-out line: If you have any inhibitions cast them aside! Put on a strategically placed shell and raise a little hell on totally nude island.

Then there is the Ursula 1000 version of "Totally Nude Island" which ups the tempo that adds an irresistible groove to the whole thing. If the song passes you by on first listen, play it again and you will be hooked!

VJ Tom Yaz has created a video for each version. If you are into horny animals and vintage tits you should watch the original. In the remix video the women are better dressed, while 50s beefcake guys are showing their stuff. So basically, there is a straight and a gay version. You should -of course- watch both. They are the Superions after all!

The Superions - Totally Nude Island

The Superions - Totally Nude Island (Ursula 1000 Remix

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