Thunder! Lightning! Frightening!

"Knock on Wood", the Eddie Floyd song was given the disco treatment by Amii Stewart in 1978. Produced by new-comer Barry Leng it has a similar devastating and in-your-face-sound as Donna Summer´s "I Feel Love".

Although, "Knock on Wood" is less electronic and alien, the frantic, storming drums and the accelerated soul-freight-train-sound shared a similar vision.
"Knock on Wood" can still light up a dance-floor. The fantastic vocals of beautiful Amii Stewart are very forgiving when pitching up the speed to every required BPM.

One year later, the producers of French disco project Sheila B. Devotion ripped off the the song for their "Seven lonely Days", which is actually an (uncredited) carbon copy of "Knock on Wood".

The always great site Freaky Trigger is currently discussing the song in their "Freaky Triggers Top 100 Tracks of all Time"-series. Amii sits comfortably at No. 32!

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