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A message from Black Dog Towers:

Further Vexations is our artistic response to 21st century rat on your neighbour smokefree britain. It is an attempt to capture and express our emotional frustrations, and the trials and tribulations of living in an un-democratic surveillance society.

The seeds of nihilist despair and apathy are well and truly sown amongst the citizens of Airstrip One. We've helplessly watched with mounting horror, while the government trashed the country, signed away it's sovereignty to Brussels (with a flourish of a specially minted silver pen), sold off precious national industries and assets at next to bargain basement prices, and indulged itself with two utterly pointless wars which it couldn't afford. We were promised a vote. A referendum. A chance to change things but an unelected politician chancellor man decided not to bother. To say we are pissed off about it, would be an understatement.

Only one year after their "Radio Scarecrow" release, The Black Dog bites back with new album "Further Vexations" on April 27.

Filled with rage and desperation of the current state of society and politics whose apathy resembles Plato´s allegory of the cave and Orwell rolled into a delicious pill that we are all too happy to swallow repeatedly.

"Further Vexations" is said to be a bit more aggressive and upbeat in its dark cynicism. There is more of a club vibe throughout the tracks, which can be streamed here or here.

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