Devorah Sperber: Highly commercial

I am not a Treckie, but artist Devorah Sperber most likely is.
Her "Mirror Universe" works are remakes or copies of iconic Star-Trek-scenes, The last supper and the Mona Lisa. In a somehow hilarious but ultimately contrieved way she choses glass beads, chenille stems and spool threads to turn these images into curtains.
In a mixture of op- and pop-art, postcard painting, kitchen-curtain furniture and "Ministeck" techniques she creates a piece of work that is commercially accessible, abstract and a total pisstake on supposedly "female art" like knitting, needlepointing and so on.

"Spock (Beaming in) 1" consists of 25.000 glassbeads strung up on monofilament. The idea and execution is great. The curtain simulates the semi-transparent look of Mr. Spock materializing in a) an art gallery, or b) your flat.
The work and cost that goes into these objects will probably prevent their cloning for a mass market. And I do know some Trekkies who will certainly be sad about this and I would gladly use it as a kitchen-curtain if I wouldn´t have an open kitchen.
For "Holodeck: Simulation Programm..." she used close to 10.000 coloured spool threads in a similar way. And with the help of 27.648 (!) chenille stems, she re-creates still shots such as "Uhura and Sulu (the game has rules)" to a photo-realistic perfection (as far as the chenille stems allow.).
She reflects on the recurring science-fiction-theme of alternative realities, parallel universes and mirrored identities. But to play even further with the space-continuum she lines up spools in distorted order so that the image can be only seen properly with the help of a perfectly placed hemispherical dome mirror.
In older works she did a huge upside-down display of the Last Supper out of nearly 30.000 spools, and mimics the laterna magica (and maybe even some helping techniques used by the old masters) by putting a viewing sphere in front of it.

New Yorkers can see her "Mirror Universe" exhibition until April 26 at the Caren Golden Fine Art Gallery, but I still secretly hope that her "beaming in" - curtains will find their way to Ikea or habitat. I think they are so POP, they belong there

All of Sperbers works and more can be seen here

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