Gnarls Barkley: Run, dance, twitch, collapse, foam, etc.

So this is the new Gnarls Barkley video "Run"! The one that is currently banned from broadcasting because the crazy op-art-trickery in the second half can alledgedly trigger epileptic seizures!

Oh, PLEASE! Who tested this and who actually collapsed?

Twenty years ago, when promo-clips were actually still being shown on TV, there were bans because of simulated orgies or a male navel in a Marc Almond video. But this is either a lame attempt at causing a stir (in which I am a useful toy right now) or people really foamed at the mouth because of yet another unnecessary appearance of Justin Timberlake.
Or maybe it was the sight of a Kid´n Play hairdo or the sheer impact of the song, which is actually a real stomper.

So, again: Will anybody comment on the song?
With all the white-girl-retro-soul happening at the moment, "Run" takes the dirty back road, kicks ass, and takes names. Its far from the gospel coziness of "Crazy" and its even more supercharged than some of the faster tracks on their debut album.

So lets play along with this helpless seizure-inducing-hype! But first a WARNING: Test yourself before you watch it! Stare at this picture for five seconds. If you see something weird: Call a doctor, hide under your desk or RUN!

Gnarls Barkley: Run!

Still here? Want more?
Thanks to cryptic hint from Malorama I learned that the "Run"-Video is a spoof of the "Graffiti Rock"-show that was only shown once in 1984. Read more at the New Yorker and see a op-art-free excerpt here.

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