Neuronic Impulse

"Resonator Neuronium" that name alone sounds like pure sci-fi or some strange device that was found in Wilhelm Reichs basement. Something that could either solve all humanitarian problems of the world or destroy planets. And now look at this thing!
Well, in the end its only a new form of electronic music device and no
Orgone Accumulator, but like ABBA said: Thank you for the music!
And what a strange and radical new instrument this is. As you can see, it has no keys. The main playing device is this "Ariel" detergent logo-esque, uh...ariel. Beneath the six golden knobs are six interconnected neurons that can generate an endless combination of sounds.

Veteran keybord builder Jürgen Michaelis developed this future synthesizer from 2000-2002. The new idea behind the Resonator Neuronium is a sort of "Stimulus Recombination" which allows the neurons to form endless wave combinations like a neural network.

The synthesis of the sounds is comparable to the combination of DNA in biological recreation. Like DNA passes on its characteristics from one generation to the next, the sound evolution is constant and endless.
In the end this means that the sounds of the RN can never be fully recreated. It´s LIVE music in the purest form. Take that, rockists!

At € 2.499,-- this "ultra 303" does not come cheap. Until 2005 Michaelis had sold twenty units which most likely are now melting braincells of successful techno producers.

For some aural impressions check the video. Of course we don´t hear any surround sounds which this funky blue box is capable of.

I! Want! One!

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