Mux Up!

I read about Muxtape this morning and since then I pushed work aside and started compiling my first online muxtape mixtape.

That´s the whole idea behind this fairly new service: Create an account, upload up to twelve songs (mp3), not larger than 10mb, arrange them in your favoured order (and everybody who loves mixtapes knows: the order is as important as the song selection!) and share it with friends online.

So I flipped through the stuff I have on my mobile harddrive and compiled this 60 minute, very suave "tape" which is a perfect companion to this strange snowy-sunshine-y weather on the Hamburg waterfront. It contains some tracks I wrote about here.

Here is the link to my mix: "Stellavista: Sounds from the balconies". Just click on the first track in the list to start the mix.

It is extremely easy to use and a lot of fun! However, the uploading was interrupted two times and the site seems to bit very slow and feeble at the moment. I guess this is due to strong growing interest during the last hours.

I am listening to my tape now for the first time and the re-play is flawless. The tracks are loading while you play them and there are no delays. The soundquality is fairly good and I think that, due to the 10mb limit per track, the playback has the same rate as the upload.

The limitation of 12 tracks and 10mb per song nearly mimics the problem you had whith your C-60/C-90 tapes when the tape was running short and finding a song that would fit before the tape was over.

The tracklist:
Paul Keeley - Sussex Blue
Deluge - Departure
Locust - No one in the world
My My - Pelhourino
Power House - Kenny´s Jazz
Iony - View from the upper balcony
Bill Nelson - When your dream of perfect beauty comes true
Nelly Furtado - Say it right (electro mix)
Sensation - Beautiful morning (Fluke Magimix)
Bochum Welt - Home
Model 500 - Starlight (Soultek´s falling star mix)

I wonder how long Muxtape will survive before the industry will shut it down.

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The Angry Young Man said...

Cool! I'm going to make my own muxtape when I'm finally home in front of my computer.