How to get THINNER for free

One of the first netlabels that offers its output for free under the creative commons license has recently put its 100th release online! To download! For free!
Frankfurt/Main based Thinner Netlabel started its operations in 1998. Since then they have released an astonishing output of dub techno, dub-tronica, ambient and minimal house-permutations. With a strong emphasis on dub and ambient aesthetics, the label offers only high quality releases complete with full colour covers (which are featured as lovely animated flash covers on their website).

Many of the featured artists are also releasing on record-labels, but they all come back to contribute to thinner.
Since most small niche indie labels are hardly making any money with physical releases anyway, the idea to start a proper label with high quality control on a free-download basis, seems to be a logical step.

While the early releases were clearly inspired by the neo-dub of Basic Channel, the recent releases have taken more free floating approach.
The typical thinner sound is 100% digital but always attempts to sound warm and organic.

My favourtite release is Canadian act Deluge with Departure in affection and new noise. Its a whole 10 track album full of nicely pulsating ambient beauty. Especially the opening track "Departure" sounds like you are floating through an airport lounge on a bed of whispering voices.

Fellow Canadian Paul Keeley is another creator of increcibly transparent, spacious music that comes close to transcient pop music. "Smynk" and "Bumper" from his Essex Blue ep with their cut up voice fragments are just fantastic.

For a great overview I recommend the label compilations I like to listen and 100 which celebrates the 100th release.

There are also two full mixes available. One features the ambient side of the label, the other focusses on their minimal techno dub. Available for streaming or download on the bottom of this page.

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