Harmonic 313: Speak & Spell & Solve & Click

These days you have to work for your free-promo-mp3-download.

If you, like me, can´t get enough of rapless electro hip-hop with Detroit influences you need to solve five mildly stupid problems on the Harmonic 313 website before you can download the track "Solve it".

Thanks to the always charming "Speak and Spell"-robovoice and some infectious groove, the mini game is almost entertaining.

The free track sounds like a vintage arcade-game playing a dub-step tune. Listen for yourself and see if you want to play the game to get it:

If Harmonic 313 sounds a bit familiar, but you thought you got the numbers wrong: You´re right (and wrong).
Harmonic 313 is a solo off-shoot of Harmonic 33, an instrumental exotica hip-hop duo consisting of Mark Pritchard and Dave Brinkworth.

They have released two very nice albums on Warp records, who now are also releasing the Detroit-esque (hence the 313 area-code, I guess!?) Harmonic 313 e.p "EP 1". It is limited to "only" 2000 units! But I guess the latest U2 record won´t sell much more hardware. Confused by the numbers? Wait till you play the game on the website and study the colour-code credits on the record sleeve. Nerds!

"Harmonicat"-Mark Pritchard also used to work with Tom Middleton on some groundbreaking electronic music as Global Communication, Reload, Link, Jedi Knights and much more.

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