Konichiwa Frank Chickens!

We are Ninja! Not Geisha!
This was the battle groove of japanese girl duo Frank Chickens who migrated to London in the early 80s. With quirky humour, and clever electro-pop they were entertaining a western audience with their funny view on Japanese cliches. But they mocked as well social restrictions of Japanese women for their home audience.
You just have to love them for their credo: "You think we are full of ZEN, but we prefer a lot of YEN!"
They were Fujijama Mamas and they wer about to blow their top!

Nearly 25 years later swedish one-girl-group Robyn was ringing the bells to her very successful comeback with "Konichiwa Bitches!". Admittedly, its such a funny phrase that she chose it as the title for her label, the single and the album.
It´s quirky, funny and really reminds me of "We are Ninja (not Geisha!)

Like so many of those very obscure 80s bands, the Frank Chickens are still doing sporadic gigs.

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