Isolee: Beau mot plage...and before

There is a moment in Kraftwerks "It´s more fun to compute", when the sequencers and delays are playing in such perfect precission and harmony with each other that the whole sound seems to leave the basic song and takes on a life of its own.
Sadly this exstatic moment kicks in 20 seconds before the song -and with it the mammoth "Computerwelt" album- ends.
I always wanted this moment to go on for at least a few more minutes. Where is the 12" mix when you need one?

When I heard "Beau mot plage" by Frankfurt based musician Rajko Müller, aka Isolee, I suddenly thought that somebody had the same idea and extended this one moment into a whole song.

In fact, "Beau mot plage", does not sound as sequenced and controlled as "...more fun to compute". It has a disctinct "live" sound as if the sequencer, the drum machine and the backwards guitar are not quite in sync. After the track plays out long enough the effect is similar to that moment in the Kraftwerk song.
The whole song dissolves into sound and rhythm, simply reverberating around ist basic structure.

The video is definately not a masterpiece, but I like the goofiness and the lazy, stoned escalator groove of the whole thing.

"Beau mot plage" reminds me of another lost classic of german minimalism: Rheingolds "Dreiklangsdimensionen" (Triad dimensions). It became a big european hit around 81/82. Like Kraftwerk, Rheingold came from Düsseldorf and they were trying to create a new, modern sound.
Listen to the minimal rhythm and the wonderful machine-like guitar. It has a very airy and flowing sound. After years of Kraut-noodling, Germany finally found a way to produce proper popmusic, which dared to explore german lyrics without stepping into the "Schlager"-trap. It wouldn´t last too long.

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